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Training and Services for Law Enforcement and other First Responders
David Christiansen, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
3527 W. 12th Street
Suite 201
Greeley, CO 80634
Psychological Survival in a Violent Career
This is the starting point for all the trainings offered. In this training, usually eight hours in length, the basic philosophical assumptions that underlie all of our actions are outlined. The training is filled with real-life examples of both chronic and acute stress as well as the working mechanisms of the human brain. This is the most sought-after training offered, and provides the premise upon which other trainings are based. It is designed to give law enforcement officer specific methods of reducing stress that are often the direct result of working in a stressful field. This training could easily be seen as a mandatory training for both corrections officers and patrol on a semi-annual basis.
Other Services and Trainings
Dr. Christiansen provides Pre-Employment and Fit-for-Duty evaluations for all levels of law enforcement, as well as Crisis Intervention and Debriefing and Anger Management for departments, businesses, and other organizations.

Other trainings include Advanced Stress Management and PTSD for the LEO and First Responder, Personality Disorders and Staff-Splitting in the Corrections Facility, Ethics and Integrity in Law Enforcement, Spouse and Support System Training, and Team Building.
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